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The Flexible Tip Bougie™

Jennifer - Memphis Paramedic and Firefighter

Jennifer V., a Paramedic and Firefighter in Memphis, describes how the Flexible Tip Bougie™ aided in the intubation of a patient with a difficult airway resulting from severe facial trauma.

"It worked fantastic. Really happy with the product and continue to use it..."

Pocket BVM

Gary E. - Paramedic and Director of Community Paramedics

In order to avoid compromising between the patient’s needs and his own on search and rescue jobs, paramedic Gary E. prefers to carry the Pocket BVM in his kit.  

I have used the Micro BVM for a year now. It’s so small that it allows me to carry full paramedic ALS equipment as well as my personal kit on search and rescue jobs, so I don’t have to compromise between the patient’s needs and my own. I can carry everything for both myself and the patient.

Its robust case protects the BVM from damage, so it can be used in the harshest of environments.

My entire team at Community Paramedics seems to like it also. The Micro BVM’s case is so much smaller than that of a traditional BVM, so we’re able to carry an extra kit and provide a higher level of care to our patients.

Pocket BVM

Cristian Román - Paramedic, Toluca, México

Christian R., a paramedic in Toluca, Mexico, describes using the Pocket BVM to treat a patient suffering from cardiac arrest, noting the device's ease of use and quick assembly.  

On May 23rd, my partner and I went to the first call of the day. The radio control reported that there was an unconscious person. Upon arriving at the shopping center, we found a male approximately 65 years old suffering from a cardiac arrest.

We immediately started the chest compressions and it was then that I opened and used my Pocket BVM. I was very surprised by the ease of use of the device and how quickly it assembled. To start CPR, we asked for help from an advanced unit that arrived with a physician and continued with the maneuvers.

The Pocket BVM fits perfectly in any compartment of the trauma bag.