Bleeding Control for Law Enforcement Officers

November 10, 2019

In the article, Bleeding Control for Law Enforcement Officers, Evan Edminster explains why law enforcement officers require “Stop the Bleed” training tailored to their job-specific needs. This story underlines the unique position that law enforcement officers face when they are providing hemorrhage control treatment.

Law enforcement officers are more likely than civilians to treat life-threatening bleeds in their line of work . Frequently, they will need to treat casualty while under fire. Law enforcement officers’ Stop the Bleed training includes identifying the severity wounds and signs of shock, applying tourniquets to themselves and to others, and providing treatment to the K9 team members. Furthermore, police trauma kits include wider range of hemorrhage control equipment, including the original pressure bandage, the Israeli Bandage®.  There are some US states that train how to use an Israeli Bandage® and its many applications.

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