Blizzard Survival™ Blanket in Action on Helimeds

October 13, 2015

The Blizzard Survival™ Blanket was shown in action on a recent airing of Helimeds, a Welsh television program which follows the life saving work of Wales Air Ambulance helicopter crews. The blanket’s versatility was put on display, as it was used to stabilize a victim of head trauma, rather than traditional hypothermia.

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Hypothermia – More Than Just Cold Weather

The critical incident begins around the 12 minute mark, as a young man slips into shock after suffering head trauma and blood loss due to electrocution, rendering his body unable to regulate its core temperature. Recognizing this life threatening condition, the Air Ambulance crew cocoons him in a Blizzard Survival Blanket in an effort to maintain his core body temperate and prevent the onset of trauma-induced hypothermia.

Powered by Reflexcell™

Equipped with Reflexcell technology which traps warm air within its metalized cellular network, Blizzard Survival Blankets are over 400% warmer than blankets made of synthetic material and 150% warmer than down-insulated garments and bags. Blizzard Survival products are the most effective and direct route for patient stabilization and, as evidenced by this episode of Helimeds, serve a life saving function beyond traditional hypothermia.