KIX to Be First Airport in Japan to Introduce Tourniquets for First Aid Treatment

September 12, 2019

KAP bleeding control kit features the WoundStop Bandage from PerSys Medical

In preparation for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Kansai Airports (KAP) has introduced bleeding control kits. Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the first airport in Japan to introduce bleeding control kits “as part of its measure against emergency situations such as terrorist attacks and disasters.” KIT has distributed 50 bleeding control kits throughout the airport.

Ostrich International provided the bleeding control kits to KIT. Each kit contains two tourniquets, two WoundStop Home Care bandages, gloves, and sheers. The WoundStop Home Care bandage is manufactured by PerSys Medical. WoundStop is a multi-functional pressure bandage with a pressure bar that ensures the bandage stays firmly in place to aid in hemorrhage control. The bleeding control kits provide life-saving tools to stop the bleed until medical intervention arrives.

In the recent wake of terrorist attacks and mass shootings, the KAP wants to be prepared for a possible terrorist attack or medical emergency.  In addition to distribution of bleeding control kits, KAP plans to train their employees in hemorrhage control techniques.

KAP adopted practices of the Stop the Bleed campaign that was initiated to provide the public with necessary tools to prevent people from bleeding to death. KAP “believes that it is imperative to prepared for medical emergencies” and provide the highest safety standard for all visitors entering Kansai Airports.

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