PerSys Medical Acquires MAS Med Global

May 14, 2018

Another life saving innovation from PerSys Medical!

PerSys Medical, manufacturer of the widely renowned Israeli Bandage®, recently acquired controlling shares in MAS Med Globaland with it a new smart tourniquet called ADAM. This acquisition is a significant addition to PerSys Medical’s hemorrhage control portfolio and confirms yet again its company ethos of “Bringing life-saving innovations to the world.

PerSys Medical

PerSys Medical was founded in Houston, Texas in 1988 and narrowed its focus to emergency medicine in early 2003, becoming a leading supplier to several US and international organizations, most notably with the introduction of The Israeli Bandage® (commercially known as The Emergency Bandage®) to the US military. Since then, PerSys Medical has significantly expanded its focus on emergency medicine and currently distributes multiple product lines to the military, law enforcement, EMS, first responders, and hospitals.  These product lines include, but are not limited to, providing vascular/intraosseous access, hemorrhage control, hypothermia prevention, and airway management.   PerSys Medical now operates as the umbrella company for Waismed Ltd., First Care Products Ltd., Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd., MAS, and is the exclusive distributor for Micro BVM.


Founded in 2015, MAS began development of ADAM, a new smart tourniquet with the purpose of serving the military, law enforcement, aviation, EMS and civilian markets. ADAM is a user friendly pneumatic field tourniquet, featuring an airinjected strap that automatically inflates at the push of a button.  Using proprietary technology, ADAM will quickly and safely inflate to a precise pressure, designed to control severe bleeding.  The application of this technology eliminates the possibility of user error and will facilitate more effective tourniquet use by a much larger audience, including non-trained, firsttime users in an emergency setting. Following positive test results with trauma units and the Israel Defense Force, MAS has been collaborating with PerSys Medical since 2016.  With the new level of partnership, PerSys Medical will lead the final development and release phase. 

Joint Plans

The ADAM tourniquet is currently in late stages of development and will be presented to the market by the end of 2018 with anticipated sales in early 2019.