PerSys Medical appoints Dr. Mike Simpson as Medical Director

July 26, 2018

PerSys Medical selected Dr. Mike Simpson as its new Medical Director. Dr. Simpson will work with PerSys Medical in the development of emergency medical solutions and give advice in their practical application during real time medical events.

Houston, Texas: The Board of Directors of PerSys Medical, a global provider of emergency medical solutions, announced that veteran emergency medical expert, Dr. Mike Simpson, has joined PerSys Medical as its Medical Director. Dr. Simpson will lead PerSys Medical in all clinical matters, including the development of emergency medical solutions, their practical application during real time medical events, and provide insight for the product road map. Dr. Simpson officially began his role as Medical Director at PerSys Medical in July.

Dr. Simpson has worked closely with PerSys Medical on various projects over the past few months and brings three decades of experience in the US military. Dr. Simpson has served as an Airborne Ranger, a Green Beret medic, and eventually an Emergency Physician assigned to JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). He has deployed to over 17 countries worldwide and was awarded the Bronze Star for valor. Dr. Simpson frequently instructs law enforcement, EMS, civilian, and military organizations in administering medical care under fire.

Ofer Molad, CEO of PerSys Medical stated, “Dr. Simpson is a perfect fit for the position of Medical Director. Dr. Simpson has spent time working with us on different projects over the past few months and it was clear to all of us that we can do more together. We have already seen the benefits of having Dr. Simpson as part of our team and I believe his appointment is another step in our growth and advancement of being a leading medical device company.”
Dr. Simpson commented,” Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work alongside the most elite figures in both medicine and the military. I am very proud to continue that personal tradition with PerSys Medical, a leader and innovator in the field. I am very excited to be a member of such an elite team.”

About PerSys Medical Principal Products:

The Emergency Bandage®
The Emergency Bandage® is a sterile bandage with a unique built-in pressure bar that provides hemorrhage control and wound treatment in pre-hospital situations. The Emergency Bandage® has been proven effective in the combat as well as the non-military sector. It is also the only pressure bandage that is FDA approved as a non-pneumatic tourniquet.

The NIO – New Intraosseous Device
The NIO is a simple, automatic, intraosseous device that provides safe, quick and easy vascular access in emergency situations for fluid and drug administration.

Blizzard Survival Products
Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd.’s line of products are made with Reflexcell™, a unique technology that was developed to reduce the risk of hypothermia and support patient treatment in extreme weather or trauma conditions. Blizzard Survival products are used globally by the military, EMS, emergency preparedness agencies, and the private outdoors market.

Micro BVM
PerSys offers a line of compact “pocket sized” collapsible BVMs. They are rugged, compact, are available in several variations, and can save as much as 75% less space compared with standard BVMs.

About PerSys Medical

PerSys Medical, a Texas based medical device company, is a global provider of emergency medical solutions designed for hospitals, militaries, first responders, civilians, and law-enforcement since the mid-90s. The company’s commitment to research and development has brought to market innovations in intraosseous vascular access, hemorrhage control, hypothermia solutions, and airway management. With a strong corporate brand and superior products, PerSys Medical maintains a worldwide network of distributors and representatives serving more than 60 countries.