PerSys Medical Showcases NIO at SOMA Cadaver Lab

May 20, 2016

At the 2015 SOMA Symposium, PerSys Medical held a cadaver lab in support of several products, primarily the NIO intraosseous device. The lab was a unique opportunity which gave participants hands-on experience with several different devices at once, with the knowledge and support of a clinical team ready to clarify confusion and answer questions. Feedback from participants was entirely positive.

Many individuals expressed the vitality of actually deploying the NIO into a cadaver, rather than using training tools, noting the importance of the hands-on cadaver experience. Across the board, participants felt the NIO was quick, easy, and very intuitive. In addition to the NIO, participants had the opportunity to use other products such as the Pocket BVM, Grip-ET, and the SOS Chest Seal. Overall, the SOMA cadaver lab was a very educational, eye-opening experience, leaving participants with a very positive impression of the NIO.

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