Airway Management

PerSys Medical provides airway solutions designed for optimal performance under challenging conditions. Our line of Micro BVMs are ruggedized and collapsible, occupying a fraction of the space required by traditional BVMs and offering virtually limitless storage options.

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The Pocket BVM™

The Pocket BVM™

The new Pocket BVMTM + NuMask® combines two leading airway management devices to deliver effective airway rescue with an even smaller footprint.

Benefits of the Pocket BVM™

  • Disposable, collapsible, silicon resuscitator
  • Reduces cube space by up to 75%
  • Compact, never loses its shape
  • Withstands extreme storage conditions
  • Ruggedized case withstands up to 160psi of direct force
  • Easily stores in unconventional locations
  • Delivers 500 – 600cc of oxygen

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