Airway Management

Pocket BVM w/O2 Tubing (Olive Case)


Includes O2 tubing: Hand-held disposable device for manual resuscitation and emergency respiratory support.
The Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing has become the BVM of choice amongst military units and has been adopted by the U.S. and German militaries, NATO forces, and other armies. Its included O2 tubing means that paramedics can quickly connect to an oxygen tank to provide superior respiratory support.
The Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing contains a bag, mask, patient valve, reservoir bag, 2cm oxygen drive lines, and a 167mm (6ft 6in) oxygen tube, all within a single compact unit. The Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing is an ideal component of any emergency kit, providing everything needed to perform emergency field resuscitation, with or without an oxygen supply.


  • BVM with O2tube in a single package
  • ¼ the size of a standard BVM
  • Used by U.S., NATO, and European militaries
  • Packaging that can withstand battlefield conditions
  • Highest quality materials for fault-free performance