Vascular Access

Achieve fast, safe, and effective intraosseous access in 10 seconds or less!

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No batteries. No assembly. No extra parts. Meet the next generation IO.

With a 98% success rate, ease-of-use, a 5-year shelf life, and an all-in-one design that is safe and sterile, the NIO is intraosseous access device reinvented.

Clinically Proven Success

Safe on the bone.

The NIO has proven to be safe on the bone, and resulted in zero incidents of bone fracture as observed by post-insertion x-rays.

Easily tolerates common user errors.

A recent study evaluated common user errors related to needle placement and found that even when placed up to 5cm from the correct insertion site, the NIO maintained an 85% success rate.

First attempt success rates as high as 98%.

Initial studies demonstrated an overall average success rate of 91.3% for the proximal tibia, and 93.1% for the humeral head. The New York Institute of Osteopathic Medicine conducted an additional study which established a proximal tibia success rate of over 98%.

“…the first attempt success rate for inserting an NIO in the tibia was 98%, Humerus 91%…”

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine