United Colors of Bandages: Israel’s Secret Sauce

April 20, 2019

In the Jerusalem Post’s article, “The United Colors of Bandages: Israel’s Secret Sauce”, Avi Jorisch reveals the unique history of how The Emergency Bandage® was conceived and eventually brought to market.  This story highlights the work of Bernard Bar Natan, a medic in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1980s, who created an innovative bandage after recognizing the need for improved hemorrhage control on the battlefield.

Bar Natan invented a compact, sterile multi-functional hemorrhage control solution, The Emergency Bandage®.  The Emergency Bandage® is a trauma bandage that has a built-in pressure bar that exerts 30-40 lbs of force directly on a wound.  Bar Natan forged a unique relationship with a local manufacturer, Ahmed Heib, for the production of The Emergency Bandage®. Click Here to Read the Full Article: